Impact of sulphate and heavy metals release on household po | 18266
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Impact of sulphate and heavy metals release on household portable water in Nigeria


Igibah C Ehizemhen, Agashua Lucia O

The paper attempts frequent hitches regarding household portable water in Nigeria. It enlighten both end user and portable water providers about the heavy metals potential discharge that pre-accumulate in iron corrosion scales as it poses an contaminants health threat when released into household portable water. Likewise offers conjectural knowledge about formation, main uses, health effects of both heavy metals and sulphate on human for example arsenal causes immunotoxic, zinc creates abdominal pain etcetera besides common methods for removing both sulphate and heavy metals like distillation or reverse osmosis for small water and ion exchange for large water quantities because chemical reaction between sulfates and heavy metals discharge from portable water distribution system can affect the water quality by decreasing or oxidizing the heavy metals in the water therefore, awareness about the impacts of sulfate on heavy metals release from portable water distribution system is required . Also users and portable water provider must develop habit of testing portable water from consumer tap because despite water quality parameters of the finished water reached portable water healthy standards from water distribution system nonetheless the tap water which the customers exactly exploited could be infected, since the portable water undertake an extensive Hydraulic Retaining Period (HRP) of storing and transference in water distribution systems.

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