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Important citations (144)
Contamination of Water, Sediment and Fish with Residues of Pesticides Used in Cotton Production in Northern Benin
Levels, bioaccumulation and biomagnification of pesticide residues in a tropical freshwater food web
Organochlorine pesticide residues in fish (Alestes baremoze and Synodontis bastiani) from Warri River, Nigeria: Levels and human exposure assessment
Human Health Risk Surveillance Through the Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Water, Sediments, and Fish from the Chenab River, Pakistan
Seasonal, spatial variation, and potential sources of organochlorine pesticides in water and sediment in the lower reaches of the Dong Nai river system in Vietnam
Overview of levels of organochlorine pesticides in surface water and food items in Nigeria
Human Health Risk Associated with Dietary and Non-Dietary Intake of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues from Rice Fields in Edo State Nigeria
First report on probabilistic risk assessment of pesticide residues in a riverine ecosystem in South-South Nigeria
Determinatiion of organochlorine pesticides residue in fish, water and sediment in lake Geriyo Adamawa state Nigeria
Status of persistent organic pesticide residues in water and food and their effects on environment and farmers: a comprehensive review in Nigeria
Relationship between geosorbent properties and field-based partition coefficients for pesticides in surface water and sediments of selected agrarian catchments: Implications for risk assessment
Pesticide contaminants in Clarias gariepinus and Tilapia zilli from three rivers in Edo State, Nigeria; implications for human exposure
Occurrence of organochlorine pesticide residues in biological and environmental matrices in Africa: A two-decade review
Distribution and ecological risk assessment of pesticide residues in surface water, sediment and fish from Ogbesse River, Edo State, Nigeria
Assessing the distribution and human health risk of organochlorine pesticide residues in sediments from selected rivers
Risk assessment of agricultural pesticides in water, sediment, and fish from Owan River, Edo State, Nigeria
Assessment of waste management practices among traders in major markets in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria
Relationship of Knowledge and Attitudes of Managerial Officers with their Solid Waste Management Practices in Sri Lanka