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Histo-pathological alteration in the intestinal tissues of Swiss albino mice mus musculus fed with contaminated bread: An un-noticed serious health hazard


Arti Prasad and Leena Vyas

Microbiological analysis is the useful way to assess the safety and quality of food .Substantial number of micro-organisms suggest a general lack of cleanliness in handling and improper storage practices Although it is generally agreed that bakery products are microbiologically safe food but post baking processes, packaging and wrong handling cannot be denied. Bakery products have been an important part of diet. Due to substandard handling operations, mould spoilage has become a serious threat for bakery industries. Further large mass of people like students, children, daily workers, tourists, all prefer bread preparations. Local bread preparations from road side vendors form a major part of their food. Improper handling and storage facilities lead to microbial contaminations as the higher water activity can lead to certain pathogenic anaerobic microbial growth at ambient temperature causing serious unnoticed health hazards. Hence, an attempt was made to collect the local bread samples from densely populated areas of the city for their microbial contaminations. I Maximum count was 256.83 ± 2.59 x 105 cfu / gm of colonies for yeast and mould against permissible count of 120x10 4 in recommended media. This food was given to mammalian model Swiss albino mice, Mus musculus for 45 consecutive days to see the gradual effect of microbes on different intestinal tissues. T.S of intestine, when observed revealed severely damaged villi with degenerated columnar epithelial cells and goblet cells. Damage in villi structure is an indication of impairment in the normal process of absorption. As the days advanced i.e. 30 to 45 days, the villi started atrophying with thin and short out growth like structure from sub mucosal layer. At 45 days villi along with mucosal and sub mucosal layers were completely damaged with thin atrophied cellular structures. This is an alarming situation and warns against the contaminated food .It may pose a serious threat to health if not taken seriously.

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