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Heuristic approach experience in solving mathematical problems


Teoh Sian Hoon*, Parmjit Singh, Cheong Tau Han, Kor Liew Kee

07Application of procedural knowledge in solving mathematical problems requires a deep understanding of the problem posed. Heuristic approach is introduced as a tool to develop students’ mathematical thinking skills. Students who have strong belief of applying heuristics approach show better experience in identifying a mathematical problem. They also show inclination in the progress of mathematical understanding which is developed through multiple strategies employed in solving mathematical problems. Thus, their effort of employing heuristics fosters strong belief on their ability in solving mathematical problems. Nevertheless, how students apply heuristic approaches successfully in solving mathematical problem is rarely focused in the teaching and learning of mathematics. This paper reports a study that investigated students’ ability to develop understanding of a given mathematical problems. Their ability was observed from their work in solving the problem. Also, the participants were interviewed to examine their reflections of employing heuristics approach in the process of problem solving. Their reflections were then be related to the approaches utilized in the problem solving process. The investigation provides an insight on the mechanism of the application of heuristic approach.

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