Falling standard in Nigeria education: traceable to proper | 17117
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Falling standard in Nigeria education: traceable to proper skills-acquisition in schools


Chinelo Ogoamaka Duze

The researcher wondered whether the hue and cry about falling standard in education in Nigeria could be linked to skills-acquisition at school. When appropriate skills are lacking in any production system, the outcome is poor quality output, which undermines capacity building and sustainable development in any nation. This study therefore examined the indices of development and practices in implementing Nigeria’s school curricula to determine whether indeed education standard is falling and whether the observed poor quality education at all levels was due mainly to the way and manner by which skillsacquisition in school is implemented. A survey was therefore carried out in Warri metropolis of Delta State, using a sample of 522 subjects, comprising 42 government officials, 61 employers of labour, 87 parents, 203 teachers, and 129 students. It was found that standard in education is falling at all levels as a result of inadequate acquisition of skills due mainly to poor implementation of school curricula. A remedial package was articulated for better outcomes amongst which are rejuvenation of educational objectives and routes to implementation and utilization of research findings to improve upon educational practices

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