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Exploring the Preferences of Developed Value-Added Pigeon Peas-based Noodles and Instant Porridge among Different Consumer Segments in Rural Tanzania


Zahra Majili*, Cornelio N. Nyaruhucha and Constance Rybak

Quantitative descriptive analyses for developed pigeon peas-based noodles (PPBN) and instant porridge (PPIP) has been done to quantify the perceived intensities of the sensory attributes. This does not inform about consumers’ preferences of the product that is fundamental for sustainable consumption. Therefore, this study aimed at assessing the preferences of developed PPBN and PPIP products. A total of 162 consumers residing in Mitumbati and Mibure villages in Nachingwea and Ruangwa districts respectively, were involved. Data were analysed using SPSS, R software and Consumer checker software. About 46% of consumers were aged 25 - 49 years, 73% were female, married (70%), farmers (86%) and 77% had primary school education. The highest mean preference scores for colour, aroma and mouthfeel were observed in sample PPBN 718 and PPIPofspr. The correlation loadings indicated the overall liking of sample PPBN718 was related to colour and aroma whereas for sample PPIPofspr was related with mouthfeel, sweetness, colour and aroma attributes. Study revealed that colour, aroma and mouthfeel the key attributes for product preferences. It is recommended that consumers’ preferences test should be considered during product development in order to come up with the best choice of product that will be acceptable among the intended consumers.

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