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Evaluation of the effect of inclusion of cocoa powder on yield, colour and proximate composition of 'beske'- a tofu-like cheese, made from soyabean milk


Ajewole Abiodun*, Aroyeun Shamusideen Olusegun and Raji MO

Choco-soy cheese (‘Beske’) was made by fortifying soya milk (SoM) with cocoa powder (CoP) at 0-7.5%, representing the percentages of cocoa powder in the samples. The percentage yield, colour analysis and proximate composition of the produced choco-soy ‘beske’ were carried out using standard procedures. The percentage yield increased from 6.50% to 8.00% across all inclusion levels of cocoa powder. Significant difference (p<0.05) exists in L* (degree of darkness) values of sample B. Yellowness, b*, showed a downward trend, 8.89, 4.65, 4.24 and 4.13 in all. The result of total different colours, ?E, in the choco-soy cheese showed that significant difference exists between sample B and others. Difference (p<0.05) exists in protein, crude fat, and total ash contents which increased from 4.34% to 5.47%, 16.76% to 26.90% and from 16.15% to 17.44% respectively as the inclusion level of cocoa powder increased. Total carbohydrate decreased as cocoa powder inclusion level increased.

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