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Enhancing Elementary Pre-service Teacher's Efficiency in Mental Mathematics Through Think-Pair-Share Approaches


Ruby Thomas*

Though it is simple using a think-pair-share approach in any teaching space environment, we should consider thinking through other aspects to determine how best this technique can be implemented to achieve a particular instructional goal line. This training system improves mental mathematical efficiency, nurtures cooperative learning, and increases students' engagement levels besides giving learners chances to practice problemsolving and communication abilities. This research particularly seeks to appraise the impact of think-pair-share strategies in learning mental mathematics. In this assessment, students were initially allowed to work on activities independently also in pairs after a reasonable interval. To conclude, the whole class discussed the activities as a large set after teams have had ample time to relate their ideas. With qualitative also quantitative approaches, the study examined the students' scores and opinions of their learning understanding with the TPS practices. Research results specify that the trainees showed an improvement during and after the application of the think-pair-share activities. However, for the approach to be more effective, it necessitates thoughtful planning. Hence, a backward strategy is favourable when crafting inquiries for the think-pair-share to support the desired learning objective.

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