Effect of low temperature on physico-chemical properties of | 16006
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Effect of low temperature on physico-chemical properties of different strawberry cultivars


Fardin Mirahmadi , Qorban Mohammad Hanafi , Mohammad Alizadeh , Hamid Mohamadi ,and Mohamad Sarsaifee

Texture, anthocyanin content, pH, acidity, total soluble solids, total sugar, and sensory score of five strawberry cultivars (Kurdistan, Selva, Camarosa, Paroz, and Queen), stored at 6 ºC, were investigated. The data indicated physical and chemical properties in all samples depended on cultivar during storage time since there were some contrasting responses among cultivars. ‘Kurdistan’ had the highest moisture content and showed decay symptoms previously. Except for ‘Camarosa’, TSS and total sugar increased in all cultivars. There were differences between cultivars concerning changes of acidity or pH over the storage period. In terms of flavor, ‘Kurdistan’, ‘Camarosa’, and ‘Selva’ cultivars were found better than the others at first day of cool storage. But ‘Camarosa’ and ‘Selva’ had a favorite colour among cultivars. Sign of fungal decay was observed in ‘Kurdistan’ samples at 7th day. This was the first study conducted on different cultivars of strawberry in our region.

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