Division of labour as a barrier to female education (A case | 17421
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Division of labour as a barrier to female education (A case study of village Dasuha, District Faisalabad)


Mamonah Ambreen and Anwaar Mohyuddin

This paper deals with gender based work assignments and literacy levels in Dasuha village, Faisalabad district, Pakistan. It explains perception of local people regarding the household work assignments and hindrances observed on female education. The reasons for low rate of receipt of formal education by the female folk on grounds of household division of work were given. Qualitative anthropological techniques were used to collect empirical data. Parents perceived that there was no direct financial benefits for them to induce them to send their daughters to be trained in formal schools, so they kept them busy at homes for household chores which provided indirect benefit to the household. We recommended a constitutional approval and government intervention to enthrone conscious and persistent efforts in the education of the girl child as is the case with the boy child.

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