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Contribution to the study of kinetic of drying couscous for urban marketing SA


BA Modou, Demba Sow. Samba FAYE, Amy Gassama SOW, Mouhamadou Diop Sall+

The combined effects of the devaluation of the CFA franc in 1992, the food crisis of 2008 and the strong demand for grain products developed urban dwellers have proven to be a necessity of development of grain products manufacturing units marketable and storable without any risk of alteration for cereal craftsmen. This contribution conducted at 40 ° C and 55 ° C with air speeds of 1m / s 2m / s and 3m / s is in the kinetic study of a technological process couscous drying to determine the optimum conditions of the process of dehydration. She found that the drying kinetics of couscous takes place in three phases; indicating that couscous is rich in water and that it can be stored at room temperature unless it is dried. Henceforth it is imperative to have a good knowledge and mastery of these three phases that impact on product quality This study showed that the experiments performed at a speed of air 3m / s at 40 ° C temperatures and 55 ° C, show a brown coloration due to Maillard reactions. We see that the browning phenomena are more pronounced at the speed of 3m / s and 55 ° C. It is found that the slow drying is better suited to the quick dry couscous. In addition to further drying the air velocity of 1m / s correlated with the temperature of 40 ° C is the most suitable as well as good monitoring of the evolution of the temperature during the drying phase warm up for a good product.

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