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Chemical composition and In- vitro crude protein digestibility of some parts of Sclerocarya birrea tree


Balgees A. Atta Elmnan*, FaiezAbdalla AbdElrahmanand and Fadel Elseed, A.M.A

The study was conducted to determine the nutritive value of leaves fruits and seeds of Sclerocarya birrea tree. Samples of leaves and fruits were collected during summer, 2017 from AL-Daein locality -East Darfur State- Sudan. Parameters measured were: chemical composition, some macro-minerals content, metabolizable energy, some anti-nutritional factors and in- vitro crude protein digestibility (IVCPD). Data obtained were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) for Completely Randomize Design. The results showed that the leaves had the highest crude protein, ash, saponnin, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium contents and IVCPD. While the seeds showed the highest content of ether extract, crude fiber and metabolizable energy for ruminants, the fruits showed the highest content of nitrogen free extract, tannin and phytate. Phosphorus concentration in all parts of S. birrea was lower than the level required by the different kinds of animals. Anti-nutritional factors content in different parts were below recommended level to have adverse effects on animal performance. The results showed that the leaves, fruit and seeds of S. birrea have a great potential as source of important nutrients as animals feed during summer

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