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Cassava Porridge and Their Nutrition and Composition


Archana Gulia

Cassava (CAS) porridge has low energy density and may be a poor source of several nutrients. Its energy density and nutrient composition is generally improved by blending it with other flours. The aim of this study was to work out the effect of hydrothermally-treated (HTT) ragi on nutrient composition, sensory attributes and starch digestibility of cassava porridge. It have higher protein, fibre, lipid and mineral content than cassava flour. The high α-amylase activity of HTT ragi permitted the number of CAS-HTT flour to be raised from 9.5% w/v to 19% w/v without altering the free-flowing drinkable consistency of porridge. Partial substitution of CAS with HTT ragi had no effect on starch digestibility and tannin content but increased the phytate content of CAS-HTT porridge.

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