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Attitudes of Teachers towards Language Material Selection, Development and Use in Early Childhood Education Programme


George Otieno Ogott, Francis Chisikwa Indoshi, Michael Okello Okwara

Teacher attitude is of importance in teaching and learning in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Centers including the selection, development and use of language materials. However, in Gem District in the Republic of Kenya, it has been alleged that ECDE teachers lack interest in the selection, development and use of language materials in teaching and learning. This may negatively influence children’s interest in language learning and acquisition. The purpose of this study was to determine teachers’ attitude towards selection, development and use of language materials with regard to target tasks, human, administrative and physical factors. The study involved 68 teachers drawn from 115 ECDE centers in Gem District, Kenya selected by simple random technique representing 33% of the population. It was based on descriptive survey design. Data was collected by use of attitude test questionnaires. The study found that 91% of the teachers had positive attitudes towards target tasks, 80.8 % towards human factors, 76.5 % for physical factors and 69% for administrative factors with regard to language material selection, development and use

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