Addressing Diversity Deficiency on U.S. Rural University Campuses| Abstract


Addressing Diversity Deficiency on U.S. Rural University Campuses


Yanhui Pang

In order to prepare high quality PK-12 teachers who can lead in the increasingly diverse school, higher institutions put more emphasis on infusing diversity in curriculum and creating diverse culture for preservice teachers. Faculty members from culturally, linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds help diversify campus culture and broaden college students’ understanding of diversity. Challenges exist not only in attracting CLD faculty to apply for jobs in academia, but also in retaining the CLD faculty members hired in U.S. geographically rural universities. In the current study, three CLD faculty members teaching at rural universities were interviewed of their teaching experiences. All of the three participants admitted the disconnection between their educational background and U.S. education system poses challenges to them. They stressed support system should be set up to help CLD faculty adjust to the U.S. higher education culture.

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