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A new combined treatment and effects on reducing decay in stored honey peaches: A study from a multi-year experiment


Hui LI, Hai-hong Wang, Jian-long LI, Zhi-kuan Cui, Yang LI, Cheng-Cheng Gang

Peach is a popular fruit worldwide because of its nutritional valueand pleasant flavor ,and it is difficult to keep fresh under high temperature and high humidity.The compositional use of multi-materials is a trend for the peach post-harvest preservation. In order to investigate the effect of combined treatment of UV-C+pullulancoating, CaCl2+pullulancoating and UV-C+ modified atmosphere packaging in ambient temperature, the Fenghuang honey peaches were selected as the experiment materials. Based on one year’s preliminary experiments and four years’ repeated tests, the effects of different treatments about weight loss, firmness, total soluble solids (TSS), membrane permeability, respiration rate and soluble sugar, malondialdehyde (MDA) content, polyphenol oxidase (PPO) were examined each day during the storage period. After 7 days, the sound fruit rate of the control group decreased to 20%, while the part treated with 2%CaCl2+ 2%Pullulan coating kept at 80%. The results suggested that the 0.25kJ/m-2UV-C+2% Pullulan coating combination treatment was a useful technique for Fenghuang peach preservation. The results suggested that this combination could influence the degradation of pectin molecules, as well as the ability to induce antioxidant systems. Based on the results, the compositionof 0.25kJ/m-2UV-C+2%Pullulan coating have a prospect in future commercial production.

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