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Thomas J. Lewis

Health Revival Partners, Jefferson City, USA


  • Annual Meeting Abstract   

    Author(s): Thomas J. Lewis and Michael L. Carter

    Protein misfolding has long been considered a pathogenic process to body tissue. However, recent work by Moirat Harvard demonstrates that certain plaques, here to fore considered harmful misfolded amyloid structure, actually are part of an innate immune response. These unfolded proteins are classifiable as antimicrobial peptides. Antimicrobial peptide sexertvarious mechanisms such as changing cell membrane permeability which leads to inhibition or death of bacterial cells. Mesenchymal stemcells (MSCs) are key to produce antimicrobial peptides and to inhibit the growth of pathogens. In this talk Dr. Lewis will discuss how common ?plaques? seen in the anterior and posterior chamber of the eye, are protective amyloid formations. Ubiquitous stemcells including the endogenous stemcells ? known as lensepithelial stemcells (LECs) ? generate replacement lenscells throughout a pe.. View More»

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