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Rhaman Rizvi

Department of pharmacy Science and technology, University of RR, Pakistan


  • Expert Review   
    A Short Note on Drug Design and Discovery: Past and present
    Author(s): Rhaman Rizvi*

    Using a combination of computational, experimental, translational, and clinical models, drug discovery identifies potential new therapeutic entities. Drug discovery is still a lengthy, expensive, difficult, and inefficient process with a high rate of new therapeutic discovery attrition, despite advancements in biotechnology and comprehension of biological systems. The creative process of developing new medications based on knowledge of a biological target is known as drug design. In the past, drugs were discovered by randomly screening higher plants. Opium, senna, belladonna, reserpine, ephedrine, and other crude plant drugs, were used for hundreds of years. The screening of microorganisms that followed the accidental discovery of penicillin led to the development of a large number of antibiotics derived from bacterial and fungal sources. Medical chemists were abl.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0176.2023.65

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