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Rajendra Singh

Department of chemical engineering, India


  • Editorial   
    Optimization of Catalyst Loading and Reactor Design for Enhanced Selectivity in Hydrogenation Reactions
    Author(s): Rajendra Singh*

    Hydrogenation reactions play a crucial role in numerous chemical processes, including the production of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and petrochemicals. However, achieving high selectivity in these reactions remains a challenge due to side reactions and competitive adsorption of reactants. This research aims to optimize catalyst loading and reactor design to enhance selectivity in hydrogenation reactions. A systematic experimental investigation was conducted to evaluate the effects of catalyst loading, reactor configuration, and operating conditions on selectivity. The results demonstrated the significant impact of these parameters on reaction performance, providing valuable insights for process optimization. This study contributes to the development of more efficient and sustainable hydrogenation processes... View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2315-5663.2023.110

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