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Rafael Forbes

Department of pharmaceutics, King’s College London, UK


  • Review Article   
    Drug delivery system in cancer treatment
    Author(s): Rafael Forbes*

    Because of their sophisticated functions in vivo, biomacromolecular drugs have recently received a lot of attention, particularly in the drug development field, thanks to the development of biotherapy. For biomacromolecular drugs, a wide range of drug delivery strategies have been developed over the past few years to overcome druggability issues like instability and physiologic barriers' easy restriction. The efficacy and potential for clinical use of biomacromolecular drugs are greatly enhanced when novel delivery systems are utilized to deliver them. These systems typically have the ability to extend the half-life, increase the bioavailability, or enhance patient compliance. In this audit, late examinations with respect to the medication conveyance techniques for macromolecular medications in malignant growth treatment are summed up, predominantly drawing on the advancement thro.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0176.2023.70

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