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Kaifullah Al Hamid

Department of Agriculture, University of Agriculture, Lithuania


  • Mini Review   
    Influence of Natural Fertilisers and Chemical Fertilisers on Grain Farms with Diverse Land Fertility
    Author(s): Kaifullah Al Hamid*

    Most of harvest developing regions in China have low or medium richness levels, which restricts the yield of harvests filled in those areas. Compost application can further develop soil quality, however the impacts of such medicines change contingent upon the base soil fruitfulness. Be that as it may, the particular distinctions related with the utilization of various compost types to soils of shifting richness levels presently can't seem to be obviously portrayed. Here, the impacts of a few compost types on physical, substance, and natural soil markers were evaluated in rice fields in the red soil area of Hunan Region with changing base richness levels: Hehua (low fruitfulness), Dahu (medium ripeness), and Longfu (high fruitfulness). Four medicines were applied to these fields: no compost, standard manure, 60% substance compost + 40% natural manure, and 100 percent synthetic comp.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0044.2023.12

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