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George Kllinson

Department of Agriculture, University of Queens, United Kingdom


  • Mini Review   
    Advancements in Agronomy: A Review of Sustainable Practices for Enhanced Crop Productivity
    Author(s): George Kllinson*

    Agronomy, as the science of crop production and soil management, plays a pivotal role in sustaining global food security and mitigating environmental challenges. In recent years, agronomy has witnessed substantial advancements, focusing on sustainable practices that promote higher crop yields while preserving natural resources. This review article aims to present a comprehensive analysis of these recent advancements in agronomy, exploring innovative approaches such as precision agriculture, crop breeding technologies, and conservation practices. By highlighting the potential of these strategies, this review aims to pave the way for a more resilient and productive agricultural future... View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2251-0044.2023.25

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