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Ana María Rosso

Department of Ancient History, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Mini Review   
    From iology to toxicology: A new specialization in ancient Alexandrian school
    Author(s): Ana María Rosso*

    "From Iology to Toxicology: a new specialization in Ancient Alexandrian School", (published in Elsevier, Toxicology Reports 8, 2021, pp. 1310-1323) written by Ana María Rosso, develops the context and circumstances that led to the emergence of the Alexandria school of toxicology in the 3rd century BC, an intense period in the Ptolemaic kingdom with several prominent figures and scientists from different countries. The first Ptolemies, especially Soter with a poor health, became interested in medical science, regardless of his practical applications. Surrounded by court physicians, who finished involved in high politics, they promoted clinical and scientific investigations and specialties among the medical staff, studying new subjects and new diseases. Alexandrian medicine achieved fame thanks to an increasingly competent and dynamic team who advanced in related discip.. View More»

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