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Abenezer Abebe Tefera

Holeta Agricultural Research Center, Holeta, Ethiopia


  • Review Article   
    A review on quality protein maize
    Author(s): Abenezer Abebe Tefera*

    Maize is an important food, feed, as well as raw material for producing high quality protein and carbohydrates products. However, maize is deficient in certain essential amino acids, such as lysine and tryptophan and to correct these deficient scientists have been discovered opaque-2 genes in 1920s. Similarly, researchers at International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center have been developed quality protein maize varieties with acceptable agronomic traits using various breeding methods. More than 167 quality protein maize varieties have so far been released worldwide and out of those eight varieties were released in Ethiopia. Though several quality protein maize varieties have been released, adoption rate is too low. Several scholars have been studied the nutritional benefit of quality protein maize food in health, growth and development of both human and animal. Generally, understan.. View More»
    DOI: 10.14303/2141-5447.2020.0011

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