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African Journal of Food Science and Technology

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Short Communication - African Journal of Food Science and Technology ( 2021) Volume 12, Issue 6

Food and agricultural science-overview

Ronald Wilson
1Department of Food Chemistry, Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Received: 08-Jul-2021 Published: 29-Jul-2021


His study estimates agricultural land resource allocation to develop food-crop commodities so as to safeguard food security in Republic of Indonesia within the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The counseled commodities to be developed in Republic of Indonesia are corn, soybean, mungbean, peanut, and rice that are created with advanced technology and input-output constant. Improvement of food security may be a common objective for several agricultural systems analyses, however however food security has been conceptualized and evaluated inside agricultural systems has not been consistently evaluated. We tend to reviewed the literature on agricultural systems analyses of food security at the household- and regional-levels, finding that the first focus is on just one dimension of food security—agricultural output as a proxy for food availableness.

Short Note

Food and feed contamination by mycotoxins are extraordinarily common worldwide. Mycotoxins are smallmolecular natural merchandise and noxious secondary metabolites chiefly created by filamentlike fungi of fungus genus, Fusarium, genus Penicillium and Alternaria. They'll cause serious carcinogenicity, growth and copy toxicity, mutagenicity and genotoxicity, immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity to humans and animals. Agricultural merchandise are liable to phytotoxin contamination in each pre- and post-harvest stages Nasikh, et al. (2021).The high demand for decent and safe food, and continuous injury of surroundings by standard agriculture are major challenges facing the world. The requirement of good alternatives and a lot of property practices in food production is crucial to confront the steady increase in human population and careless depletion of worldwide resources. Agricultural food crop yields have exaggerated tremendously because of the implementation of chemical pesticides; but, their excessive and uncontrolled use has light-emitting diode to food contamination, furthermore as environmental, aquatic, and agricultural pollution. Therefore, on-the-spot observance of chemical residues in agricultural food merchandise is crucial to make sure world food and environmental safety Shujuan, et al. (2021). Whereas there's little question that there are outstanding changes in world climate, Africa and Asia expertise extreme climate events (Bindoff et al., 2013). In step with the Alliance for a revolution in Africa (AGRA), Africa recorded the best temperature in 2010 and 2013, with Vioolsdrif in South Africa and Navrongo in African nation recording forty seven.3°C and forty 3°C, severally (AGRA, 2014). Erratic precipitation has been rumored in Africa, with marked variations across regions. Globally, agricultural ecosystems cowl around thirty seventh of the terrestrial surface (Food Agriculture Organization of the UN, 1997). The structure of agriculture shows different regional developments with agricultural growth into natural areas and/or intensification in some regions of the planet, and agricultural abandonment in alternative regions (Levers et al., 2016; Levers et al., 2018). Agricultural growth and abandonment are influenced by multiple socio-economic drivers, including: changes within the world demand for food (Tilman et al., 2011), loss of agricultural profitableness in marginal areas (Ustaoglu and miner 2018), and loss of agricultural land thanks to, e.g., urbanization.


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