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Workstress and marital relations


Mark Owusu Amponsah

The aim of the study was to find out the bi-directional relationship between workstress and marital relation. The purpose was to develop an understanding of the psychological interface of such a complex relationship by specifically examining the positive and negative spill over between work and marital roles with their antecedents and outcomes. Using mail survey and a total sample of fifty (50), dual earner persons made of twenty one (21) females and twenty nine (29) males from Ghana, linear regression analysis was employed to test the various hypotheses. Findings indicate that the hypothesis that workstress would impact negatively on marital relations was supported (P<0.01, F (8, 442) = 0.006). In addition, the hypothesis that males and females would be significantly different with regard to the coping mechanism used as a result of the interaction between workstress and marriage was not confirmed (P>0.05,F (1, 19)= 0.23); (P>0.05,F (1, 23)= 0.69). Finally, the hypothesis that there would be significant relationship between one’s coping strategy and the quality of family relations was not supported (P>0.01, F=. 653).

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