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Towards learning organization in agricultural higher education in Iran


H. Liaghati, H. Veisi, and Hassan Sadogh

This study was conducted to explore the subjective opinions of faculty members about the elements of organizational learning at the agricultural and natural resources campus (ANRC) of University of Tehran. The number of faculty members was 120, randomly drawn from the selected population at ANRC. The findings showed that about 70.1% of the total community variance of organisational learning items was determined by extracted factors. Finding also revealed sharing experiences and interest in innovation, information exchange and external responsiveness, internal dynamism, participatory learning and action are shown to be the most important dimensions (factors) and the most predictive of whether the changes (38%) sought will actually be made to the research model of a learning organization. The results that according with the dimensions of a learning organization clearly indicated that the highest percentage of variance attributable to the system levels of ANRC as a higher education institution is placed on the various levels of organization, individual, global and team, respectively.

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