The technology of producing banana wine vinegar from starch | 16276
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The technology of producing banana wine vinegar from starch of banana peels


G.W Byarugaba-Bazirake, W Byarugaba and M Tumusiime and D.A Kimono

Bananas (Matooke) are a common food crop in Uganda, generating vast agricultural waste during preparation. In this study, banana peels, which had adequate starch remaining in them, were used to process the vinegar. A sharp stainless steel knife was used to cut the banana peels into smaller pieces and these were boiled to gelatinize the starch. The extract was separated from the boiled mass via a muslin-cheese cloth, and fermented by adding wine yeast (VIN13) in a 10 liter jerry-can, fitted with an air lock. A muslin-cheese cloth was then used to separate the extract from the boiled mass. A laboratoryscale 20 liter fermenter was used to produce the wine vinegar by surface culture acetification. This resulted in banana wine vinegar whose properties comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for vinegar.

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