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The female face of poverty in Rwanda


Betty Mategeko Nkundizana

This paper analysed the female face of poverty in Rwanda. Poverty is a threat that no country disregards but takes so serious due to its effects on human development. Poverty remains a major hindrance to human development worldwide and more so, in developing countries like Rwanda. Poverty affects both males and females but females are more vulnerable to poverty. This is attributed to cultural attributes that have had negative stereo types on women. Non Governmental Organizations, the government, Women Activists and private individuals have put in, much effort to reduce poverty among males and females, but the problem still persists. Females have low incomes, low education, do not own land, have constraints in accessing health facilities, they depend on subsistence farming but do not determine and control sales, and do not make their life choices. Unpleasant experiences that women face affect their life, their children and other members of the household. Poverty prevents some females from enjoying their life privileges like education, access to health facilities, participation in politics and ability to control resources. The existence of poverty worries concerned development practitioners due to the effects that accrue from it. The way forward to reduced poverty among females involves a combination of the effort of different stake holders including the government, NGOs, women activists, all members of the population and women themselves.

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