The effect of pre-reading activities on students�?¢�?�?��?� | 17282
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The effect of pre-reading activities on students�?¢�?�?��?�?� performance in reading comprehension in senior secondary schools


Hannah Onyi Yusuf

This study investigated the effect of pre-reading activities on English as a Second Language students’ performance in reading comprehension in senior secondary schools. Fifty students selected from two senior secondary schools student in Kaduna (Nigeria) were used for the study. The students selected were made up of both male and female. Twenty-five students (Senior Secondary year one intact class) were from Government Secondary School Ungwar Sarki, (experimental group) and twenty five students (Senior Secondary Year one intact class) from Government Secondary School Nassarawa, (control group). A Pre test – Post test experimental design was used for the study. Students were pre-tested to establish their homogeneity before the treatment. They were taught for six weeks and were tested using cloze test as an instrument. The findings through the computation and analysis of t-test revealed that better comprehension can be gained through exposure to pre-reading activities. In fact, the experimental group which was exposed to pre-reading activities gained considerable abilities in comprehension as reflected in their performance than the control group. The study recommended that teachers could use pre-reading activities as a useful tool to facilitate students’ reading comprehension activities. Curriculum planners could also provide pre-reading activities such as pre-viewing activities, pre-reading discussion, and brain storming activities along side each reading task to make reading comprehension lessons more purposeful and meaningful.

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