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The Concept of Big data and Solutions of Cloud Computing


Mustapha Malami Idina*

The terms "big data" and "cloud computing" are often used interchangeably since many public cloud services analyze large amounts of data. Every day, a massive amount of data is produced from abundant of derivation, and this data needs to be evaluated, categorized, and stored with the assistance of cloud computing. The quick progress that has taken place in a variety of IT fields is to blame for this massive increase in the amount of data that is being produced. Conventional data processing methods are unable to handle this data due to its extremely large amount, the rapidity with which it changes, and the multitude of formats in which it is stored. Cloud computing makes available on-demand computing resources and services, making it possible to handle and analyze the vast amounts of data in a manner that is both effective and simplified. This research will discuss how on the general concept of big data and how Cloud computing provides solutions to big data by processing analyzing this huge data. We will start by Introduction of Big data, big data Impact on Today’s world, big data architecture, cloud computing, Categories & offerings of Cloud computing then further discuss the solutions offered by cloud computing to big data and limitations of big data on the cloud.

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