The clarity of one�?¢�?�?��?�?�s mind �?¢�?�?��?�?? creati | 17139
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The clarity of one�?¢�?�?��?�?�s mind �?¢�?�?��?�?? creating the foundation for strategic thinking


Prof. Dr. Patrick Kim Cheng Low and Sik-Liong Ang

Here, the authors examine the critical need for the clarity of one’s mind so as to think well in strategic management, and make progress or bring growth to one’s organization. In this paper, the authors also discuss various ancient Chinese concepts of Tao (Yin and Yang), how to attain clarity of the mind in a logical manner. The authors believe that all of us need to achieve a clear mind in decision making for ourselves; for the organizations and businesses we are in. The paper also examines the advantages and the benefits of achieving clarity of one’s mind for oneself and applying this concept and clear mindset to the strategic thinking and management of his or her organization and business.

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