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Technostress: Causes, symptoms and coping strategies among Librarians in University libraries


Tiemo, Pereware Aghwotu* Ofua, Justice Owajeme

The paper seeks to examine the causes, symptoms and coping strategies of technostress among librarians in university libraries. The descriptive survey method was employed using the questionnaire to collect data from respondents in 5 university libraries in Edo and Delta State. The data generated were analyzed by gender using frequency counts and percentages. The findings of the investigation show that majority of the librarians (both sex) experienced technostress using computers and it related technology, as a result of technological changes. And to copy with technostress in their various working places, they agreed to the various coping strategies and plans. Among the recommendation made were, management should organize technology base training in order to make them comfortable with new technology and qualified Information technologist should be employed to maintain the computers and it related technology in order to provide comfort to librarian.

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