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Teachers�?¢�?�?��?�?� involvement, commitment and innovativeness in curriculum development and implementation.


Oloruntegbe, K.O., Duyilemi, A.N., Agbayewa, J.O., Oluwatelure, T. A., Dele Adare, Omoniyi, M.B.I.

The study was designed to investigate Nigerian science teachers’ involvement, commitment and innovativeness in curriculum development, implementation and change. The sample consisted of 630 secondary school teachers drawn from the six southwestern states of Nigeria. Questionnaire tagged Teachers’ Involvement, Commitment and Innovativeness (TICIQ) was used for data collection. The data collected was analyzed using frequency counts and percentage. The findings are: Teachers are often drafted to classroom implementation of curriculum reforms but are seldom involved in the development and how best to implement such reforms; The teachers are yet to embrace modern methods, approaches and techniques which include the use of computer and internet resources in classroom science teaching; While majority of them are proud to be teachers and may not opt out if given a second chance yet they frown at any attempt to lay them off on account of not being computer literate and internet compliant. The authors concluded that teachers often show resistance and lack of commitment to implementation of curriculum reforms because they are seldom involved in the development and even how best to implement them. They recommended the adoption of grass root approach to curriculum development involving all stakeholders including teachers who would implement the curriculum in the long run.

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