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Study on vocational prestige across different generation


Sheng-Jen Yang

The study aimed to understand differences in vocational prestige across different generations in Taiwan. There were 510 fifth and sixth grade elementary students and their parents sampled by the cluster random method from Taipei city, Taichung city and Kaohsiung city. Data were collected using a 9-point scale of thirty vocations, and analyzed by mean, standard deviation, and t-test. The results indicated students gave higher points to certain vocations than their parents did, but the points differed widely. The parents showed more agreement in terms of vocational prestige. Seventy percent of the highest respected jobs and lowest respected ones assessed by students were the same as the parents. The scientist, doctor, grand justice, firefighter, and lawyer received the highest honors from students and their parents. The vendor, journalist, carpenter, councilor, barber, driver, and model received the lowest respect. Students showed more respect for police and entertainers than parents, but less to elementary school teachers. Since there are different concepts of value between parents and children, more useful information about vocations will be helpful in reducing the sense of loss between honor and reality.

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