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Sports and secondary school Education in Kenya


J. O. Ongong’a, M. O. Okwara, T.M. Okello

Sports are important in educational institutions as it supports academic objectives. However, it has been viewed in two different perspectives in schools as far as their contribution to academic performance is concerned. Some consider sports to have positive effect on student-athletes’ academic performance while others views it as a hindrance to academic success and a waste of students’ precious time. The purpose of this study was to document the benefits of sports in secondary schools and the role of sports in secondary education from the perspectives of teachers and students. Stratified random sampling method was used to select 24 secondary schools, 500 students and 32 gamesteachers for the study. The study revealed that participation in sports is generally beneficial to students in secondary schools like making them physically fit and healthy. The study further revealed that sport supports educational objectives in the schools by improving the level of discipline, helping in character development, improving students’ rationality and objectivity in thought and is also responsible for high retention rate in schools, all of which boost academic performance. It is recommended that the government embark on a range of developmentally appropriate community sports and recreation programs to ensure that students participate in sports both at school and at home. Secondly, all students should be encouraged to take pride in achievement and reach full potential, both as students and as athletes. Finally, Schools should diversify sports activities to ensure that all students’ needs in sports are catered for.

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