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Spectrophotometric determination of norfloxacin in pure and dosage forms by complexation with Fe(III) and Cu(II) ions


Mohamed Gaber, Abdalla M. Khedr, Ahmed S. El-Kady

Based on the complexation reaction between norfloxacin with Fe(III) and Cu(II), a spectrophotometric procedure for the determination of the drug is proposed. Norfloxacin reacts with Fe(III) and Cu(II) in aqueous buffer solutions whereby a coloured complexes are formed which absorb maximally at 425 and 415 nm, respectively. The different experimental parameters affecting the development and stability of the colour were carefully studied and optimized. The absorbance-concentration plots of Fe(III) and Cu(II) norfloxacin complexes are linear up to 101.16 and 139.10 mg ml-1 within molar absorptivities 1.98 x 10-3 and 2.17 x 10-3 l mol-1 cm-1, respectively, using borate buffer. The proposed method was further applied to the determination of norfloxacin in pure and dosage forms. The results obtained were in good agreement with those obtained by a reference HPLC method.

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