Soil degradation in Mexico and interrelationship with climat | 16002
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Soil degradation in Mexico and interrelationship with climatic variables: a geospatial perspective


Marín Pompa-García, Enrique Salazar-Sosa, Héctor Idilio Trejo-Escareño, Enrique Salazar-Meléndez, Jesús García Pereyra, Miguel Ángel Gallegos Robles

The spatial pattern of soil degradation in México was evaluated, identifying climatic variables that are spatially related to its degree incidence. The study area was divided into 16,040 physiographical units, and quantitative indices of clustering were calculated through the Getis-Ord statistics. The spatial correlation between soil degradation degree and precipitation and temperature was tested by Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR), under an Ordinary Least Square estimator. Results demonstrate that soil degradation showed a clustered distribution and is closely correlated with precipitation and is one of the main explanatory variables. The results provide useful spatial information for support preventive soil degradation strategies. This approach could also be applied at a finer time and space scale where data are available.

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