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Social intelligence and personal characteristics of talented secondary school students in King Abdullah II schools for excellence, Jordan


Ahmad Abdulhameed Aufan Al-Makahleh and 2Ayed Hanna Ziadat

The aim of this study is to identify any relationship between social intelligence and the behavioral characteristics of talented students in a middle school from the perspective of their teachers. The study sample consisted of (200) male and female students, distributed in three regions; Amman, Al- Salt, and Al-Zaraqa, Jordan. The social intelligence scale and the behavioral characteristics scale of talented students for Renzulli were applied in the study. The indications of validity and reliability were found to be acceptable to achieve the objectives of the study. The results showed that the degree of response of the sample on the social intelligence scale was high on both parts of the scale .The results also indicated that the averages were medium for each of the creativity, leadership, and motivational characteristics, whereas the average was low for the learning characteristics. The results indicated that there were no statistically significant differences in the average degree of response of the study sample due to the sex variable on both the social intelligence and behavioral characteristic scales for each of the total score or on the sub-dimensions. Furthermore, the results showed that the interaction with others dimensions is the only one which had a significant effect on the explanation of each of the behavioral characteristics of talented students' variables of creativity, leadership, learning, and the total score.

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