Self-medication practices in Odo-Ado community of Ado-Ekiti, | 16915
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Self-medication practices in Odo-Ado community of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State


Arute J. E., Adje U. D., Akonoghrere R. and Omuta M. C.

Self-medication is a common practice in developing countries like Nigeria, the health consequences notwithstanding. We assessed the prevalence of self-medication in Ado-Ekiti and identified the predisposing factors. In a prospective study, we evaluated prevalence of self-medication in 1600 adults of Odo-Ado community in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State using a systematic cross-sectional method of sampling. The data were collected by the aid of structured, pre-tested open- and closed-ended questionnaire. The respondent level was 1422 (88.9%) and 1249 (80.8%) persons reported the use of medicines without prescription. High cost of drugs, availability of drugs at informal sectors and peer influence were the major factors that predispose to self-medication. Headache, fever, cough and abdominal pain were the commonest illnesses that led to these self-medication practices. We concluded that there is a high prevalence of self-medication in Odo-Ado community and this is comparable to levels reported in other West African countries. Though this practice is hard to eliminate, public enlightenment would be of utmost importance in curbing it.

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