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School based factors influencing implementation of early childhood development and education curriculum


Zadock Obuchere Murundu, Francis Chisikwa Indoshi, Michael Okello Okwara

Conditions of learning are crucial in determining quality of education. There are real concerns raised by stakeholders regarding the quality of education in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) centers in Emuhaya District in Kenya. Factors contributing to poor implementation of the curriculum in the ECDE centers are yet to be established. The purpose of this study was to establish the school factors influencing implementation of ECDE Curriculum. The study involved 65 ECDE teachers drawn from 32 ECDE centres in Emuhaya District, Kenya selected by simple random technique. It was based on descriptive survey design. Data were collected by questionnaires and focused group discussion guide. The study found that lack of suitable teaching and learning resources, inappropriate diet, understaffing, inappropriate medium of instruction and teacher-child ratio, and poor grouping practices were the factors hindering effective implementation of the curriculum in ECDE centers. The study recommends that a program should be designed to build community capacities for the development and equipment of ECDE centres in partnership with the government and other stakeholders.

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