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Role of Adiponectin in Menopausal Women



Adipogenesis refers to the differentiation of pre-adipocytes into mature fat cells, i.e. the development of adipose tissue, which varies according to sex and age. Adipocytes differentiate from stellate or fusiform precursor cells of mesenchymalorigin.Adiponectin has been postulated to act an important role in the modulation of glucose and lipd metabolism in insulin-sensitive tissue in both humans and animals. The transition from pre to post menopause is associated with the emergency of many features of metabolic state. The intraabdominal body fat increases, low density lipoprotein and triglyceride levels increase while high density lipoprotein decreases. As the results to date are conflicting. In our study we aimed to study the changes in adiponectin and anthropometric parameters after menopause. For this purpose, the ELISA methods was used in the study to evaluate the values of adiponectin. A total of 70 female in menopause and 90 control subjects were included in this study. The results showed that adiponectin, BMI and blood pressure increased with menopause and in order to investigate the effect of menopause on these parameters, further work must be carried out in the near

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