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Promoting Peace and Culture in Nigerian Through the use of Music Education


James Richard*

Tracing the history of education in Nigerian higher Institutions presents series of student’s unrest, riots, cultism, and violence, vandalisation of school’s properties in reaction to inadequacies and neglect of certain vital elements needed for the smooth running of educational programmes. Music as an art that attracts students of all ages and levels is a cultural ingredient that can be used to create a calm and quiet state that is free from conflict and violence. This paper examined the concept of peace culture and music education. It also highlighted the roles that music education can play in promoting peace culture in the higher education institutions in Nigeria. The significance of this paper is to justify the efficacy of music in reducing violence in higher institutions in Nigeria and to enlighten the populace on the humanistic and aesthetic quality of music education. This will educate and sensitize curriculum planners towards inclusion of music learning education in all levels of education. This paper also exposes students to the benefit of skill acquisition and other values that are inherent in music which could equip them for future purpose. This work will be of benefit to music educators in alerting them on the significance and importance of their work to the humanity.

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