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Points Of View Of Oncology Unit Medical Attendant Directors On Missed Nursing Care: A Subjective Report


Daniel Parker*

Objective: The main objective of this study was to explore factors affecting missed nursing care in oncology units from the perspective of nurse managers.

Methods: Twenty medical caretaker chiefs working at oncology units of reference showing clinics in Iran took part in this review. Information was gathered through individual up close and personal and telephonic meetings utilizing a meeting guide. Center gatherings were likewise led. Information were broke down utilizing regular substance examination.

Conclusions: Nurture chiefs ought to decrease the impacts of nursing staff deficiencies and expanded jobs as well as giving materials and hardware. They need to appropriate experienced staff as indicated by the kind of ward or patients' necessities. Nurture directors ought to establish an ideal climate for detailing missed nursing care by having an open relationship with medical caretakers by educating and underlining nursing practice. Besides, utilizing a nonpunitive administrative methodology and limiting the utilization of an unconcerned administration style can be useful.

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