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Picosure laser in the treatment of different skin disorders


Mohammed Al-Malmi

Background :- picosecond or Picosure laser is a new machine disignated for the treatment of diiffrent aesthetic human skin persistent disorders. It is FDA approved. It is picosecond technology.
Objective :- The objective of this study is to identify the effecacy of new picosure laser in aesthetic medicine.
Patients and Methods :- Adults males and females patients presented to medical village clinic in dubai.They have tattoo , scars, wrinkles melasma and frickels in different parts in their bodies.We use picosure laser machine in the management weavlength 532 nm and 755 nm or combined.
Results ;- All the patients presented and treated with picosure laser are cured after one scision without any complications and recurrent. The results are impressive without typical downtime or discomfort.


Conclusion :- Picosure laser is the safe , fast and effctive in the aesthetic treatment of 1-6 skin types of skin disorders 


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