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On connectivity approach for a unified communications and integrated collaborations system in the health sector of developing countries: a case of Uganda


Favor Excellence, Mwinyiwiwa BMM and Omar FH

Access to information holds the key to the empowerment of everybody despite where they are living. This research is to be carried out in respect of the people living in developing countries. Considering their plight and complex geographical, demographic, social-economic conditions surrounding the areas they live. These conditions hinder access to information and of professionals providing services such as medical workers, which has led to high death rates and development stagnation. Research on Unified Communications and Integrated Collaborations (UCIC) system in the health sector of developing countries comes in to create a possible solution of bridging the digital canyon among the communities. The UCIC will deliver services in a seamless manner to assist health workers situated anywhere to be accessed easily and access information which will help in service delivery. The proposed UCIC provides the most immersive telepresence experience for one-to-one or many-to-many meetings. Extending to locations anywhere in the world, the transformative platform delivers Ultra-low operating costs through the use of general purpose networks and using special lenses and track systems. The aim is to identify the most suitable connectivity method for the deployment of the UCIC system in the health sector of developing countries. The right choice will enable the system to run effectively thus an efficient and effective workforce of the health sector will bring enhancement to the speed and quality of services offered by health workers. The capacities of UCIC will help health workers shorten decision cycles, accelerate service delivery and save lives by speeding access to information and by making it possible for all health workers and patients to collaborate everywhere.

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