My attempt in Prosthetic management of Rotationplasty | 71952
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My attempt in Prosthetic management of Rotationplasty


Lukeshkumar R. Bhuyar

Osteogenic Sarcoma of proximal or distal shaft of femur is a debilitating condition. To treat such patient, limb salvage is the most appropriate option which in turn helps to save the life of patient. In 1930 Borggreve from Germany was the first to describe this procedure. In 1950 Van Ness first used this technique to treat patient with proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD). In late 1970s Saltzer and Kotz adopted it to treat patient with Osteogenic Sarcoma. Before the effective prosthetic management of Rotationplasty of a patient with Osteosarcoma in the shaft of femur the Hip disarticulation was the only option. Prosthetic management with Hip disarticulation Prosthesis results in cumbersome prosthesis with high energy consumption which is not patient friendly. With Rotationplasty prosthesis patient facilitated to use his/her new biological knee with the prosthesis which is almost like Transtibialprosthesis

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