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Modeling for Learning the SQL Select Statement Internal Sequence Processing to Tracing Optimization and Anticipation the Final Result to Meet the User's Requirements


Hashan Idhaim*, Ayoub Alsarhan, Bashar Igried Deb Alkhawaldeh and Asem Hasan Idhaim

Structure Query Language (SQL) command used for data retrieval and the most common usage used is the SELECT statement. A lot of papers presenting valuable information for SQL commands writing, tuning, usage, and optimization but comparatively little effort has been spent systematically focusing on the hidden internal processes of the SELECT statement and based on the axiom a better understanding of how things work, better results can be obtained, so this paper purposes the repost Internal Hidden Processing Modeling (IHPM) that decomposes the internal processing of the SELECT statement into five sequences phases to learn significantly the SELECT statement internal processing to help researchers, novice, and senior programmers, database practitioners, and students in a rewriting and modelling a robust SELECT statement that meeting a user requirements and open a chance to the researchers to develop each phase independently

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