Materialism, Confucianism and Confucian Values | 17360
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Materialism, Confucianism and Confucian Values


Prof. Dr. K. C. Patrick Low

In this paper, a comparative study is made between materialism and Confucianism. Confucianism, its philosophy and thoughts are examined in relation to materialism; more specifically, Confucian values are emphasized or showcased as compared to materialism and its pursuits. The practitioneracademician highlights the beneficial Confucian values which foster benevolence (ren), promote harmonious relationships and other-centeredness. The paper essentially shows success, the way of Confucius as opposed to materialism, and these Confucian ways, among other things, include being simple, simplicity helps; appreciating simple joys and little pleasures and taking one or two, looking at things positively as well as showing gratitude to Tao, the larger or Universal Heart.

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