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Management Education in Higher Learning Institutions in Bangladesh: Identifying and overcoming barriers to quality


Mohammed S. Chowdhury and Zahurul Alam

This paper aimed to investigate the factors affecting the quality education in colleges and universities offering higher business and management education in Bangladesh and to suggest measures to remove the barriers to developing quality education. Survey data were collected from 210 faculties and students to capture information relating to the research objectives. The study also used secondary data for this purpose. The findings indicated that to the extent that the de-politicization of education system was established and enforced, moratorium was declared on students, and teachers’ active participation in politics, financial support was provided, research and training to faculties for publications and professional development were provided, a positive environment, for the development of quality education, would emerge. The limitations were that it did not concentrate on a particular university type and did not include a region comprising many institutions of higher learning. The study suggests future research in this direction.

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